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Photo shoots in the time of Covid

By my calculations today is the 240th day we’ve been in lockdown here in Melbourne! Staggering. My 1.5 year old daughter barely knows any different. Anyway, I’m not going to mope around, I’m going to be productive and start writing a blooming blog! Yippee. And I shall pop my cherry blog by writing about how I am organising a photoshoot during lockdown! Now this is tricky because shoots normally require lots of people gathering in an enclosed area, fiddling with things from their department; be it camera, lighting or sound. And now we’re not allowed to gather or fiddle.

I used to be a TV Art Director, which basically meant I worked on film sets, getting all the right props together for the actors. When I was working on the police show ‘The Bill’ I needed battering rams and guns and fake blood and loads of exciting things for each episode. When I worked on ‘Eastenders’ I needed pretend booze and cigarettes for all the pub scenes. Aaannd a fair amount of guns and fake blood. Drama!

But today’s photoshoot is for something slightly tamer, yet far more intellectual – my tea towels! Who would have known little rectangular pieces of fabric (oatmeal Cotton/Linen, combining the beautiful texture of Linen with all the durability of Cotton) could bring me so much joy. They do, I think they’re really pretty, I’m biased obviously but there it is.

So, in order to show my little tea towels off in their best light I thought to myself, I need a photographer who has a lovely kitchen and is in my 10km travel bubble. And no one was more amazed to find one than me. Introducing… Simone, based in Healesville! ( And I was surprised once again having arranged to meet with Simone that Simone turned out not to be female but a lovely bearded Italian man called Simoné! Molto bene!

He said yep, he can photograph my tea towels and he has a lovely kitchen, and then he sipped his espresso coffee and hopped on his bike. True story.

I’ve just messaged him saying I’m blogging about him and my towels and he’s sent me this snap from the shoot. Ooh, pretty! I shall upload all the new tea towels from their exciting Italian photoshoot here in the Yarra Valley when Simoné has finished working his magic.

Hurrah! I posted a blog and I liked it! More blogs no doubt coming soon.

Hugs from Healesville xo

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