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Wall prints, greetings cards, tea towels, aprons and tote bags.

The process:

I painted a series of native Australian animals on canvases using acrylic paint. Then a Yarra Valley photographer took high quality photographs of them to make prints for everyone who wants affordable art. A Yarra Valley printer then printed them as greetings cards.

I then sourced a fabric printer in Melbourne who printed my paintings on oatmeal cotton/linen fabric turning them into beautiful tea towels and organic canvas tote bags! 


If you would like an original artwork - a painting rather than a print - contact me to discuss ideas, animals, colours, sizes and prices; I love creating something unique for your walls!


I've always loved drawing and painting people, capturing something you only see in person rather than a photograph. Contact me if you are interested in a self portrait or to commission a painting of someone special.

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