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The Salvager's Quest

The Salvager's Quest

Stella and Dot are two sisters embroiled in an exciting quest to save endangered animals on Earth and bring them to the mysterious Planet Beatrice, where woolly mammoths roam and children make the rules.


While some of the children are friendly others become their mortal enemies and plot against them as they learn how to fly with eagles and embark on an adventure of a lifetime into the far reaches of outer space.


With the threat of the bushfires in Australia looming, the girls must figure out how to work with these strange children and harness the power of the magic ship, the Salvager, to save as many animals as they can.


Reviews for The Salvager’s Quest by Lucy Hawkins


‘The Salvager's Quest is a delightful, adventure-filled exploration into imagination and possibilities and well worth a read.’

Jo Rothwell, children's author.



‘Like a modern-day Tom’s Midnight Garden, this enchanting story of two sisters - devoted to each other and to caring for the earth and all its creatures - explores the possibilities that arise when we open our minds, and hearts, to the natural world.’

Sophie Green, author.



ISBN : 978-1-80439-174-7

Published: 26/10/2023

Pages : 116

Size : 205x140

Imprint : Olympia Publishers

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